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     I made a reservation for Carpet Cleaners Wormwood Scrubs two weeks ago, and the domestic cleaners are competent and reliable. When they appeared, they were wearing the appropriate garments; their work was very clean and accurate.
Alan Carter24/02/2023
     I want to just inform anybody who is searching for a hard floor cleaning service to hire WormwoodScrubsCarpetCleaners. They did a fantastic job on my hard wood flooring, at a really good rate. It was getting grubby and the team used special techniques and products to make them hygienically clean and look great. It is great to have a local firm that is on hand for mishaps and a regular cleaning service. I will certainly use them again in the near future.
Ken Wells24/11/2014
     When we had our first child, we quickly discovered just how much more helpful a professional cleaning service could become. We already used WormwoodScrubsCarpetCleaners for the occasional clean, but we were happy to make their services much more regular and the benefits were obvious to behold. When we're distracted by the kid, tired, emotional and any or all of the above, knowing that someone is there you can rely on to handle all the cleaning can be a real relief. It's circumstances like this when they really feel a part of the family and we will certainly keep them around.
Annie Sanders19/03/2014